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Nature LED Step into Community, Company's Social Responsibility

Date: 2012-05-16   Clicked: 2505

Nature LED Co Ltd is committed to operating our business in a manner that is Socially and Environmentally Responsible (SER). Over the past 8 years, Nature LED has maintained a basic philosophy that centers on the core values of the company: respect, loyalty, integrity, flexibility and adaptability, investing in our employees and having fun at work in the company of friends. These core values also influence our obligations to make a positive difference in the communities in which we operate and to help protect the environment.

In May 7. 2012, Nature LED organize a series of activities to promote the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection. In Taoyuanju Community which is a comprehensive settlement have over 3000 families, we publisized the advantages of LED lighting compare with traditional lights and the huge risk of littering aneroid battery. In order to arouse the citizen's motivition, we launch exchange activity, 5pcs  discard battery can swap a 5w Nature LED G60 Bulb, 3pcs incandescent bulb can swap a 10W LED G60 bulb, 2pcs fluorescent bulb can change for 1pc 10W LED G60 Bulb. Fortunately, the citizens support us with actions, we have distribute 2580pcs LED bulb. The activity ended in a satisfactory way.



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